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Care Plus Hygiene Filter Jungle Green

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Care Plus Hygiene Filter Jungle Green

Dehydration can be very dangerous and can also have a negative impact on your body. With the new water filter by Care Plus, you will always have access to clean water!

The Care Plus® Water Filter is a multi-purpose water filtration system. Microfibrous tubes (0.1 micron absolute) filter up to 3500 litres and capture harmful bacteria and protozoa. It filters up to 1.8 l/m from any freshwater lake, river or stream. The filter can be attached to the included TPU squeeze pouch, standard disposable water bottles or hydration packs. Or use as a straw to drink directly from your water source. The filter element can be removed from the housing for easy cleaning. The ultra-light water filter weighs only 75 grams.


  • Can be used in 3 ways: squeeze pouch, straw and water bottle.
  • Membrane filter of 0.1 micron (pore diameter)
  • Flow rate of 1.8 l/m (squeezing) and 1 l/m (not squeezing)
  • Ultra-light, Filter 75gr / TPU pouch 35gr
  • Fits in the palm of your hand
  • Easy cleaning by removing filter element from housing and swirling in clean water.
  • Filters 99,99999% of bacteria (E.coli)
  • Filters 99,9% of parasites and protozoa (giardia lambilia ground and cryptosporidium)
  • Filters microplastics
Care Plus
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