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Kong Express Ergo Anniversary Set of 5

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KG 761SET37K0K
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Kong Express Trapper Anniversary Set of 5

The Express Ergo Anniversary quickdraw is a new version that celebrates Kong's 40 years (1977-2017).
The set is composed of 5 vivid colours quickdraws that recall the pop style of those years.
Packed with the new Eco Pack made of recycled carton.
Equipped with two Ergo connectors, particularly appreciated for their manageability, a Dyneema sling (13mm width - 12cm lenght) and with the new ultra-resistant Fast Rubber made of silicone.
High quality product completely developed and produced in Italy.
Tested piece by piece.
This is a limited edition, check it out in your local store!


 761SET37K0KCE EN 12275Alu alloyMix125/

ArticoloCertificationMaterial Shape
793NC0400KK CE EN 12275NFPA-PUIAA Alu alloy Keylock   27 10 9 120 Asymmetric 99 64 11,5 / 20



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