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Protekt Rescue Triangle

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PR DX302
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Protekt Rescue Triangle

DX 302 Protekt company is a rugged evacuation triangle designed to carry out rescue operations at heights and in the mountains. DX 302 has been designed in such a way as to facilitate the delivery of help. It will be a perfect complement to the equipment of altitude and mountain rescuers as well as firefighters.

DX 302 is designed for quick evacuation of the victim from the accident scene. The triangle is equipped with well-thought-out attachment points, and special braces simplify donning which is extremely valuable when providing assistance to the injured. The design allows a very precise fit which directly translates into safety during the rescue operation.

Dimensions: 1360 × 900 mm 
Weight: 1550 g 
Static resistance : 12 kN 
Maximum weight of the victim: 140 kg 
Minimum breaking strength: 15 kN


Application: climbing, work at heights, rescue

Material: plastic, polyester, polyamide


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