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Kong Stretcher Rolly / Black

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KG 89001N000KK

Kong Stretcher Rolly / Black


Rollable stretcher studied for rescue situations in confined spaces. 
It is an extremely flexible rescue system, usable when evacuation and patient transport is needed in morphological and difficult climatic situations and therefore a rapid recovery is required.

Inert to every environmental conditions, corporal fluid and blood
The particular material used for the stretcher allows a rapid washing without absorbing organic or biological fluids.

Safe transport of the injured
The high resistance of materials protects the injured during transport operations and offers an optimal body support.

Easy to use and prepare
The use of belts, slings and buckles of different colours prevents assembly errors and speeded the use.

Can be used both in vertical and horizontal position
Thanks to its specific hanging kit, it is possible to use the system both in vertical and horizontal position.

Strong and light
The lightness of material, the possibility to be rolled and the resistant transport bag, guarantee carriage and storage practicality.


Articolo Ref. DM N. Reg. DM Material Weight (kg) Length (cm) Width (cm) Colour
890010000KK 890.01 Classe I DM 1448812 DIRETTIVA 93/42/CEE Nylon 7,3 245 60 Yellow
89001N000KK 890.01 Classe I DM 1448812 DIRETTIVA 93/42/CEE Nylon 7,3 245 60 Black

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