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Grivel Double Spring 2.0

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Grivel Double Spring 2.0

The Grivel Double Spring Leash 2.0 is an elastic sling system to prevent losing your tools when climbing on rock or ice, now with a rotating carabiner to stop tangles when switching tools.

The Grivel Double Spring Leash 2.0 solves the issue for climbers who love climbing without a leash. Loop the Single Spring though your harness then attach the small carabiner onto your ice axe to make it impossible to lose your ice axe. This system allows climbers to swap hands or tool easily without interfering with the manoeuvre, whilst also allowing full and uninhibited extension of the arm. Compact when required, long when required.

A leash that doesn't restrict movement or gets in the way whilst climbing.

(Attention: the single spring must never be used as a self belay for the climber or to belay a companion. Its strength is limited to 200kg. The small carabiner has a maximum resistance of 750kg and must never be used instead of a normal carabiner when climbing or belaying.)

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