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Inook Snowshoe AXM

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Inook Snowshoe AXM




A simplified version of the RXM with single buckle adjustment.

Auto Gliding System:
Pressing the pole on the rear part of the lever is enough to change the position, without bending.

Aerotec Design
The profile of the frame shows a turned-up bow to keep the snowshoe constantly above the snow.
The rear openings avoid any snow accumulation above and under the frame.

Multi Spike Concept
6 steel spikes are assembled whilst plastics are still hot; they are oblong or conic. A front claw –either with three or five teeth- complements the hold with maximum grip.

Wing Concept
The vaulted profile provides stability and excellent hold whilst crossing slopes.
This profile avoids snow from sticking under the frame.
This frame, has been assigned on nearly all other models.

Shock absorber
Three shock- and noise absorbers are placed below the heel.

Ease of use and small touches...
The adjustment to the she size occurs in the simplest way, in pushing the heel part towards the shoe
another possibility is to position the number of your shoe size in the little window on the binding plate.

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