multiple payment methods, to choose the one that suits you

Payment Methods

Your payment can be made in one of the following ways:

By debit/credit card

Make your purchase by card through our platform (We accept Visa, MasterCard & Electron by Winbank).

Interest free installments:

  • For purchases over €60 / 2 interest-free installments
  • For purchases over €100 / 3 interest-free installments
  • For purchases over €200 / 4 interest-free installments
  • For purchases over €300 / 5 interest-free installments
  • For purchases over €500 / 6 interest-free installments

Box Now - Pay on the go

Your package has arrived at the locker - Complete the payment online at the link you received on your mobile.

Cash on delivery

You pay for your order on delivery in cash to the courier (ACS Courier)

By deposit to our company's bank account

Cooperating banks


Alpha Bank 

IBAN: GR7301401720172002320002132


Τράπεζα Πειραιώς  

IBAN: GR2101720630005063069876323



IBAN: GR6102603490000870200702363


Εθνική τράπεζα 

IBAN: GR8701100920000009200385806


Beneficiary: Mitsakis E. Nikolaos

*Transfer costs from another bank are borne by the buyer. In case costs are deducted from the value of the order, an additional deposit must be made with the bank's costs. In order to proceed with the shipment of your order, the transfer of the amount to our account must be completed.

Pay with PayPal

[email protected]

Pay on pickup at our physical store

Pick up and pay for your order at the checkout of our store. (After contact) You will find us: 44 Adamantiou Korai / Byronas Tk. 16232 / Attica / T. 211 0113137