Payment Methods

Your payment can be made in one of the following ways:

Using a debit / credit card

Making your purchase through our platform (We accept Visa, MasterCard & Electron by Winbank).

Interest-free credit card installments:

For purchases over 60,00€ 2 interest-free installments
over 100,00€ 3 interest-free installments
over 200,00€ 4 interest-free installments
over 300,00€ 5 interest-free installments
over 500,00€ 6 interest-free installments


Cash on delivery

Delivery with Speedex Courier & payment by cash on delivery to the courier.

Deposit in a bank account of our company

Alpha Bank: GR7301401720172002320002132

Piraeus Bank: GR2101720630005063069876323

Eurobank: GR6102603490000870200702363

National Bank: GR8701100920000009200385806

Payment via PayPal
[email protected] 

Payment in our store

Receive and pay for your order at the cashier of our store. 

Ad. Korai 44 / Vyronas Tk. 16232 / Attiki
T. +30 211 0113137