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BestPrice 360 Analytics

Our company with the goal to improve the services it provides, has integrated in this website the tool BestPrice 360 ​​Analytics, in the context of exporting statistics and performance data from the participation of its online store in the respective product price comparison platform, in which it participates.

BestPrice Analytics 360 allows the transmission of anonymous data to, regarding the movement of users in the present website (such as visit or online order) for the extraction of the respective statistical results and for the improvement of the marketing actions. In addition, only if you have given your consent to save orders through the corresponding option in your profile at, every order you register electronically, will be automatically saved in your profile at This feature serves only the storage of basic order information (such as order code, products, etc.) without transmitting any personal data contained in your order. This option has nothing to do with the processing of the order, for which our company is responsible and responsible.

More information about the storing of your orders at, click here.