Shipping Cost and Delivery Time Package

Parcel cost in Greece

Shipping costs for parcels up to 3 kg weight or volume * are:
€ 3.00 for orders up to € 50.00
Free for orders over € 50.00


For every extra kilo costs is + 1,00 € / kg.

The cost of COD is + 2,00 € and not count on payments via:

Credit, debit or prepaid cards Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Electron,
Pay-Pal or bank deposit Alpha Bank or Winbank ..

The volumetric weight of a package, is found by calculating the dimensions of the package in centimeters polaplasiazontas the length, breadth and height for the whole of the divide by 5000 (M * W * H / 5000 = X Kg). The weight always count on untimely unit and upwards.

Package delivery time in Greece

For parcels in Athens, delivery in 1 day **.

For parcels in land or island destinations within the network of the Speedex, delivery in 1-2 days. **

For parcels in areas outside the limits of the network of cities of the  Speedex, delivery in 2-3 days **

** Orders will be given to 14:00pm to allow them to run on the same day.

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